A New Journey


Hi all,

After many nudges from my fellow food blogger friends and much consideration later, I have decided to venture into the unknown and start my own Food Blog.

When I chose a name for my blog, I wanted a name that anyone can relate to or something that is real easy to remember and catchy. And being the multiracial and multi-cultural environment that we live in, we are exposed to a myriad of gastronomy. From exquisite to simple, far west to the east, you name it, we…might…have it.

I want this blog to capture and record what I eat and experience and I want to eat everything. I’m not afraid to try. I will eat anything and everything (not anything or everything literally but you know what I mean.)

And thus my blog name:

Anything Also Eat

I use to be a content contributor on HungryEpicurean.com and I have to thank Glenn for exposing me to the wonderful world of Food Blogging, so much so that I decided to go solo.

As you can see, this blog is still pretty much a bare template with no designs whatsoever. Things are still under going development and being the tech idiot that I am, this is going to take some time.

Do keep your eyes peeled on this site because here, I will bring you through a gastro-journey through the lens of my iPhone 4.

CY Hen
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