Chiso Zanmai

Lightly Fried Salmon with Rice Wine Vinegerette

Joining the ranks of huge buffet places is Osaka-based Chiso Zanmai. Taking over the space of Fisherman’s Market, this sprawling space offers over 100 types of Japanese cuisines. From your standard Chawanmushi to your Sashimi and then to the lesser known Tonpeiyaki, which is the egg-ier version of your Okonomiyaki (which is part of the buffet spread and a house special as well!). But I do have to say that the taste spectrum here range from Alright to Great.


Braised Radish with Baby Octopus

While the Japanese cuisine regulars like the Sashimi and and sushi is pretty much of a let down for me, Chiso Zanmai did pretty well in their Hot food section. I liked all the small portions of food that were served in cute little porcelein bowls. Some of my favorites were the Roasted Miso Eggplant, Miso Seafood and the Beef Stew. Of the choice of Tonpeiyaki and Okonomiyaki, I prefered the egg-ier Tonpeiyaki over the latter.

I do have to give special mention to their Braised Pork Belly though. It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and felt incredibly light in your mouth even though the fatty part of the pork are in full glory of your view. Taste wise, the pork was infused with the flavors of Miso and Shoyu.

Crab Meat with Sesame Vinegarette

The Cold Food Selection were somewhat a mix of hits and misses. I do give them brownie points for importing their seafood from oversea countries, but the Sashimis and Sushi were not all that fresh. Some of the cold dishes like Crab Meat with Sesame Vingarette (Pic above) tasted pretty good.

The Dessert station were alright though. They had a chocolate fondue and a self serve ice cream. Some of their cakes were surprisingly tasty. Like the Cheesecake, which was exceptionally refreshing and light. The recommended Macha Creme Brulee was something you either like or you hate.

Clockwise: Cha Soba, Beef Stew, Cold Tofu

Overall, Chiso Zanmai has a good selection of Japanese dishes, though not all of them are fantastic in terms of taste, but you are getting what you are paying for. At a competitive S$24.90 for a weekday dinner buffet, its a value for money spread that you are getting. Although the food is okay, I do find great comfort in the wide space and the great view of the Singapore River that this restaurant provides.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Unagi

Lunch 12pm to 3pm
Monday to Friday – Adult: $14.90++ Child: $9.90++ Senior: $12.90
Saturday, Sunday & PH – Adult: $19.90++ Child: $9.90++ Senior: $17.90

Dinner: 6pm – 10pm
Sunday to Thursday,PH – Adult: $24.90++ Child: $14.90++ Senior: $22.90
Friday – Saturday, Eve of PH – Adult: $29.90++ Child: $14.90++ Senior: $27.90

* Free flow of drinks daily at $1.90++

Chiso Zanmai is located on #02-17 at The Central.


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