What I like most about the Singapore food culture is that, among all the many big establishments, you’ll find gems in the smaller cafes and restaurants. Torte is one of these gems I’ve recently got introduced to. To be honest, I’ve heard about Torte ever since it opened but never got to going there because I couldn’t find it. One would have to keep a sharp eye to spot this cafe that is tucked away at the corner of the Singapore Council of Women Organisation.

Penne Beef Bolognaise

Torte is the brainchild of the Executive Chef Jason Ong, initially concept as a dessert oriented cafe, but now has expanded their menu to serve savory items. There are no indoor sittings, everything is alfresco only difference is whether you choose to dine under a roof or the stars. Because of the location, noise level is minimal throughout most of the day which makes a great choice to chill out in the city while keeping away from all the hustle and bustle.

The only fixed items on Torte’s menu are the drinks and the signature Torte. Other than that, everything else is a surprise everyday. The Lunch Special (S$10++) and the Dinner Special (S$13++) are announced everyday on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Menu here starts with appetizers like the Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip. The crispy fried chicken wings glazed in a sweet smokey sauce was good enough to eat on it own. The Blue Cheese Dip did its job and added edge to the wings. Personally the sauce and wings combination didn’t hit me, but that is just personal preference. We had Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Mozarella and Parmesan Cheese as well, which I found to be more of a comfort food. Due to the nature of the menu, the Meatballs is not a regular on the menu.

Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil

Jason served a few mains that night for us to sample. I personally enjoyed the Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil. I loved the earthy flavors of the truffle and coupled with the mellow sweetness of the mushroom made it my choice dish. Monk Fish Risotto yield a lighter flavor as compared.

Monk Fish Risotto
Roasted Chicken with Arborio Rice

I also liked the Roasted Chicken with Arborio Rice that Jason served. The chicken was tender and fragrant with herbs. While the Arborio rice was simply delicious. Melicacy loved the Basa Fish so much that she decided to hog most of the second piece that Jason served. The fish had a thin light batter. While the outside was slightly crispy, the fish inside was nothing short of moist.

Creme Caramel with Gula Melaka

To end off, we had three desserts.  Torte’s desserts were simple, unpretentious and they taste simply divine.  Jason’s intrepretation of the Creme Caramel had a South East Asia twist to it; instead of Caramel, Jason swapped it with Gula Melaka. The Creme is a denser, thicker version of a creme brulee, and thus it will have a heavier taste.  The Gula Melaka gave a rounder taste as compared to caramel while ending with a slight butterscotch note to the Creme Caramel.  Althought it is heavy on the taste buds, I enjoyed every spoon of it.

The Cooked Apple with Vanilla Ice Cream was more like a deconstruct of an apple pie or an apple crumble.  The sweet soft apples balanced out the acidity given from the raisins and cranberry.  While the vanilla ice cream round everything off with a touch of silky cream.

Signature Torte

If you did not eat Jason’s Signature Torte then you’ve never been to Torte.  This dessert took him two years to perfect.  A torte is made without flour so its generally denser and heavier in taste.  Still, if you are a chocoholic, you’ll enjoy every inch of this heavenly dessert.  I like…no…I loved it.  I loved how rich this dessert was, how every bite felt like a whole chocolate bar and how guilty it makes you feel afterwards.  Simply to say, this is a must-have.

Overall, Torte is a great place for a weekday chillout after work.  And for the price of the lunch and dinner sets, the food that Jason whips up is definitely worth every penny of your spend.

I will definitely go back to Torte once I felt forgiven by my Almighty Gym Membership.

Torte is located at
SCWO Building
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187967
T:6571 0197

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Friday 10am-10pm (Last order 2pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner)
Sunday : 10am-3pm
Closed on Sat

Note: This is an invited session.  Many thanks to Jason for the great hospitality and the boys of Six&Seven for hosting us


2 thoughts on “Torte

  1. Melicacy loved the Basa Fish so much that she decided to hog most of the second piece that Jason served. << that second piece was meant for meeeeeeee!!!!! 😀 😀

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