My Journey of Carbs in Malaysia


A few weekends ago I went back to Malaysia for a cousin’s wedding. I went to a small town call Tangkak. Then I went up to Kuala Lumpur for some alone time.

Tangkak is off Muar, about 3 hours of bus ride away from Johore Bahru. It’s a small rustic town with nothing much to offer. The most happening place there would be the local departmental store call “The Store”. There is no Starbucks, only a local coffee chain call Nanyang Coffee. But it was all I needed to get away from the hectic city life in Singapore

Unknowingly, I had a lot of pastas and noodles in this trip. Some surprisingly tasty while some were slightly disappointing.

干捞面(Dry noodles)

This was the first thing I had after my journey. It was a simple bowl of 干捞面(Dry noodles). They sold this in a conspicuous looking place I would never have thought was an F&B establishment.

It looked plain when it was served: only a few slices of Char Siew and a few stalks of vegetables. I clearly underestimated the flavors of the noodles. Though it was light, the flavors were wholesome. The springy homemade noodles were mixed with fragrant lard and fish sauce. It was so refreshing. This bowl of noodles was simplicity at best.


I had this 干捞板面 (Dry Handmade Noodles) at a Ban Mian specialty shop call 面对面 (Face to Face). Unlike Singapore, most Ban Mian stores here uses Chinese Boxthorns (aka Gau Gei Choi) and not Chinese Mustard (aka Chye Sim). The other special quality about this place are the chilli that they provided. There is a dry, crispy chilli that is super nice and was super tasty with the dry version of the Ban Mian.

White Wine Mussels
Aglio Oglio Clams
Pesto Prawns

My first dinner in KL brought me to this place call Market Hall. It’s in Pavilion tucked away in the same corner as Ding Tai Feng. They had a Sunday Eat All you Can pasta option. I had three different pastas, but the portions were smaller than usual.

The Aglio Olio Clam was too wet. The White Wine Mussels was okay while the Pesto Prawns was near tasteless. But I do find their choices of pasta really interesting and the pastas were did true Al Dente, retaining the slight chewy texture.

Soft Shell Crab Linguine

I went to Ben’s the next day for lunch. Things there were priced pretty reasonably. It looked alot like a P.S. Cafe in Singapore. I ordered a Soft Shell Crab Linguine. It wasn’t creamy, but instead it was light with a tinge of spiciness from the chilli and the nutty flavors from the Curry Leaves. I found the pasta to be a bit too light, I would have liked it a bit more spicy and saltier. Nevertheless, this would be a killer combination if done right.

Duck Confit Linguine

I’ve had Delicious in Singapore before, but this time I’ve tried it at the place it first started.  I liked the Duck Confit Linguine I had back in Singapore, so I wanted to compare the same item at the place of origin.  Though in terms of visuals, there wasn’t much difference.  There were differences in terms of flavors.  The pasta were slightly more flavorful and intense, it felt wholesome. Unlike the Singapore counterpart, which felt like the duck confit and the pasta were lazily tossed in the pan in a patronizing manner.

Maggi Goreng

The last thing I had in KL was a Maggi Goreng. Something really simple to end the trip. Nothing to really shout about.

Sad to say, I didn’t have much chance to try out the hawker fare or the street food because I wasn’t staying in the city.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed my trip a lot and I have always enjoyed it whenever I go up.


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