Restaurant Week 2012 @ Salta – Argentine Parilla and Grocer


2012 is the first year, I’ve actively took part in Restaurant Week. This being my first time, I didn’t went all berserk and go on a clicking spree to make reservations on all the restaurants on the list.

I had a slightly different approach. I know all the “Star” restaurants are good and it would be a great opportunity to try them out at a slightly cheaper price. But no, I want to try something new, something more exotic.


I went through the list probably a hundred times…ok…maybe just less than 20 times. I may have googled all the restaurants on the list. In the end I picked Salta from the list.


I started out with a soup – Home-made Smoked Tomato Soup. Though the name would suggest, it tasted rather commercial to me. But it least it didn’t taste like a bowl of acid. The acidity of the soup does grow onto you.


For the main, it was a huge, 300gm slab of Argentine rib-eye. Salta uses grass-fed Argentine beef which is generally leaner and lesser in saturated fats. I had mine done medium rare. The rib-eye had more characteristics as compared to grain-fed ones. The bite is akin to cold mochi – tender with a slight chewiness.

It tasted cleaner but slightly gamey. Seasoning was simple but it serves to enhance the natural taste of the beef. Grass-fed beef, in unskilled hands, will end up dry and tough, this was incredibly juicy.


Dessert was Crepes with Home-made rum ice cream. The crepe was slightly denser and thick than normal. There was a crust of caramel which I liked. Though the apple remained its slight crunch, it was a contrast to the otherwise soft crepe. The smooth rum ice cream gave the smooth finish the dessert needed.

I thought that Salta did really well in terms of showcasing their very best in this edition of the Restaurant Week. I would like to go back one day to try the other items that they offer on the menu.

SALTA – Argentine Parilla & Groceris located at
Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street
Singapore  078877

Tel: 6225 8445

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday
11:30am – 2:30pm
6:30pm – 10:30pm


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