La Villa @ River Valley


With my colleagues conferring me their ‘Gourmet Concierge’, I was tasked, again, to look for a place to do a farewell lunch for a colleague of mine. This colleague of mine has a weird diet, she can only eat Italian. Finding an Italian restaurant in Singapore is so much easier than looking for a good bowl of Bak Chor Mee.

I had recommendations from the boys at six-and-seven and decided to pick La Villa.

La Villa is situated in the old River Valley Primary school. It’s quiet, quaint but it’s not secluded. The decor is rustic and emulates a typical Mediterranean Italian restaurant. The whole restaurant exudes a certain air of tranquility. And since it was lunch time, the restaurant was nicely lit, not too glaring (that was a pile of bull right there, but really the restaurant is fantastic).

We shared two starters: a Parma Ham with Italian Burratina Cheese and Rucola Salad and a Crostino.

20120421-231600.jpgThis starter was simple. Everything worked well with each other. The Burratina Cheese had a great texture and rounded off the salty Parma Ham and spicy Rockets. A Burratina or a Burruta cheese is a spun buffalo cheese dough that encases a ball of butter made from the whey that’s leftover from the cheese.

20120421-231611.jpgA Crostino is similar to a Bruschetta, but made with smaller pieces of bread (you’ll only need to know the difference if you’re a snob, but I digress). It was another simple starter. 3 selections of Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Goats Cheese. Though it was nothing really too special, it was, however, good.

For my main, I ordered a Spaghetti with mixed Seafood in Squid Ink. To be honest, I was expecting something that was heavy on taste and flavors. That was why I was surprised when I took the first bite. The sauce was slightly sourish but it had a nice brine flavor. The bright sweetness of the tomato and the mellow sweetness of the seafood blended well. This plate of pasta was very well made and its worth each and every single calorie.

Well, every meal is not complete without desserts. But, you’ll have to wait for it.

To close it off for now, La Villa is a fantastic place for a Sunday brunch. The food is good, the flavors are superb and they are all at very affordable prices.

La Villa is located at

341 River Valley Rd, 238372
341 River Valley Road
Singapore 238372
Tel: 6836 5286




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