Hard Rock Cafe @ Cuscaden Road


I don’t think there are any international food establishments that celebrates and canonize the music industry like Hard Rock Cafe.

From my earliest memory, Hard Rock Cafe has been the most iconic international restaurant. What I found most interesting about the restaurant are the memorabilia of the famous music artistes and singers – From Cher’s ‘spaghetti’ dress to Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar to the jacket MJ wore during his concert. Replica or not, these items are legen-wait for it-dary.


Hard Rock Cafe Singapore’s core items lies in their American grub and some local fares as well. We shared a satisfying Chilli Crab dip with Man Tou. The thick sauce was awesome by itself or with anything as a matter of fact. It is, by no means, a lesser version of the actual chilli crab dish you’ll find in a seafood restaurant, it just takes the mess out of eating one.20120423-163431.jpg

I enjoyed the Char Kway Teow. It’s not the most authentic CKT I’ve had, but it had the proper flavors of a Penang CKT. Also, the noodles were slightly more chewy, more points for texture.



They serve a rather wicked Pull Pork Sandwich. The flosses of pork were moist and well marinated. The generous dollop of smokey BBQ sauce added pleasant sweetness to the sandwich. If you prefer more mess, you can go for the pork ribs which is equally gratifying.


We also had the Wagyu burger. It’s not something you’ll find on the menu, but you can always request for it from the friendly staff. The burger is as simple as it can get – Burger bun, Wagyu patty, tomato, lettuce and onion. The idea here is to not distract your taste buds from the tender Wagyu. Since there is minimal dressing or sauces, you’ll get to enjoy the clean flavors of the patty.


Hard Rock Cafe Singapore’s Mac’n’Cheese is one of their signature. The choux sauce and the pasta are all imported from the States. When you hear Macaroni, you’ll probably recall the U-shaped pasta. Here, Macaroni is spiral. Yes, I ain’t trippin, the macaroni is spiral. The cheese sauce was lighter than normal and doesn’t leave that queasy feeling after gobbling down the whole plate.


The atmosphere in Hard Rock Cafe Singapore is nothing less than rowdy. There are live performances by singers scheduled to keep you entertained throughout your stay there. Singapore’s one and only Kumar performs there on Mondays. So you’ll sure to be tickled to a laughing fit by his crazy antics and acid jokes.

Hard Rock Cafe is located at

50 Cuscaden Road
#05-01, HPL House
Singapore 249724

Opening Hours:
Tue, Wed, Thu & Sun – 11am – 1am
Fri, Sat, Mon & 1st Sun of the month – 11am- 3am

26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-209 to 214 The Forum
Singapore 098138

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun – 11am to 1am


PS: #AnythingAlsoEat would like to thank Natalie Wee for the invitation and RBRG and Six&Seven for the great company.


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