Sweet Saturday – Hard Rock Cafe @ Cuscaden Road

So I was invited (not so much of an invite as to being a plus one of another blogger) Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. Other than the communication booboo that happened that day, it was a fun and enjoyable tasting. In addition, it was my virgin trip to HRC too!

After all the Long Island Tea and the good food, we were treated to three desserts: Apple Cobbler, Brownie and Mudpie. All served in non-fancy melanin plates.


My personal favorite was the Apple Cobbler. The tartness of the apples, warmth from the cinnamon and smooth vanilla ice cream combined made this dessert very comforting. Unlike other cobblers, HRC’s crust had a crunchier bite to it.


Brownies are quite common, especially with American Style diners and restaurants.  I don’t claim to have tried many Brownies, but HRC serves a very decent one.  Unlike the other crumbly, slight dry brownies you find outside, HRC serves a dense and moist brownie.  It is heavy on the palate but it doesn’t give that ‘drying’ effect.  It was a hearty dessert nonetheless.


And then we had the Mudpie.  It was decent, albeit, forgettable.  Maybe my preference leaned towards the Apple Cobbler.  But then again, who doesn’t like a pure slice of vanilla, coffee and chocolate ice cream?

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore post can be found here

So here is my second Sweet Saturday Post.  Do leave a comment and your recommendations!


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