Sweet Saturday – Hungry Chimps Cafe

Other than the myriad of Italian restaurants you can find in Singapore, the other kind of F&B establishments that’s plentiful are the cafés. You’ll find them at almost every crooks and turns.

I study near Selegie and naturally that was one of the places I patronize. I discovered Hungry Chimps Cafe during one of my more relaxing days roaming around that area.

The cafe is located on level 2 of Selegie Place. The entrance is easily missed, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for it. The place is simple, spacious and bright. It has a light well to let in some soft natural lightings.



I had myself a warm Chocolate Lava Cake.  It was pretty good for the price that I paid.  Most places have their Lava Cake turn out just as Cake, but Hungry Chimp does it correctly with that nice flowing consistency.  I liked the ice cream they served that day.  It bordered somewhat between rich and refreshing.

Hungry Chimps may not be the best around town for their Chocolate Lava Cake, but they make it up in their friendly service and ultra cosy cafe.

Hungry Chimps is located at
64A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188667

They have a Facebook page too!  Go there and check out what else they have.


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