Sweet Saturday – Kookaburra @ Albert Court

As a full time working adult and a part time student, spending free time walking around, discovering new eating places is a luxury activity to me.  I discovered Kookaburra during one of these walkabout sessions on a weekday evening.  Located at a quiet corner of colonial Albert Court, this chic restaurant serves a hearty selection of Australian styled menu.

Prior to my visit, I googled the place and visited their Facebook page.  Of all the pictures of their food that they have on the page, the Fluffy Pancake Stack caught my attention and piqued an appetite. 

It comes with a stack of really fluffly pancakes, topped with crispy pork belly and caramelized apples, drenched in an amazing caramel sauce and honey and served with 2 scoops of Rhubard Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Sounds like alot of drama going on in one plate, because it is.  Let me break it down here:

  • Pancakes – Fluffy, but it is not the lead actor in this drama
  • Pork Belly – Smoked Rub, cooked to a gratifying crisp
  • Caramnel Sauce – A reduction made from the leftover sauce of the caramelized apples.  The addition of sour cream and brown sugar gave it a smooth finish
  • Honey – Infused with cinnamon, slightly warm to the taste buds
  • Cinnamon Rhubard Ice Cream – slightly tart and warm in taste, complimentary to the sauce, honey and pancakes.

Sinful with every bite of it, but it is definitely worth all the calories.


I had a Salted Caramel Lava Cake as well which I found interesting in concept.  Taste wise, it wasn’t as interesting.  The idea of combining a chocolate cake with a hot (note: hot, not warm) salted caramel centre was above my taste threshold.  The effort to innovate the dessert was definitely commendable.  This dessert is one of their daily specials, so it is not an evergreen item on the menu.

Kookaburra is located at
180 Albert Street
#01-09, Albert Court Village Hotel

and they are opening hours are
Daily from 11am-2pm and 6-11pm; 
Saturday and Sundays from 10am-11pm

Visit their Facebook page


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