Sweet Saturday – Galbiati Gourmet Deli @ Rail Mall, Bukit Timah

I like brunch, I like brunch on a Saturday afternoon. The sun, the heat and the laziness of a Saturday afternoon all while enjoying a good sandwich or pasta or just a nice slice of cake and a cuppa.

So one of the Saturdays I went over to Galbiati’s for brunch. Galbiati’s is located in the quiet Rail Mall at Bukit Timah. If you haven’t been to Rail Mall, there’s actually not much here – a few F&B, a Cold Storage and some Health Service catering to the residents around the area.


Galbiati’s does pretty good brunch sets that comes complete with a slice of the cake of the day. Lavender Cheesecake was on the menu that day. It was something unique to my taste buds.

The first bite felt weird. I couldn’t understand the scent of the lavender mixed together with the sourish cheesecake. Second bite onward  I began to like how special this cake actually taste.

If you are looking a quiet place for brunch on a Saturday, may I so boldly recommend Galbiati’s. But the journey may deter one from going, it’s definitely worth your time

Galbiati’s Gourmet Deli is located at
The Rail Mall
400 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678050
Tel: 6462 0926


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