Sweet Saturday – Cups N Canvas @ Selegie Road

There was this abandoned shop front near my school that was kept empty for a very long time. Sometime after, I took a peer in and found out a cafe was opening there. Thereafter, Cups N Canvas opened it’s doors for the public.

The place has a rustic, industrial-ish decor. One half of the place is a cafe while the other half is an art studio where you can flex your creative muscles.

I settled myself down and ordered a Sweet Potato Latte and a French Vanilla Apple Slice.


When I saw that the Sweet Potato Latte is non-caffeinated, the caffeine addict in me was slightly disappointed. The drink is made from mashed purple sweet potato mixed together with hot steamed milk. They cleverly added in ginger and I found the taste to be quite refreshing. It adds a sparkle to the otherwise mellow sweetness of the potato.


Cups N Canvas bakes and makes their cakes in-house. This is something not alot of small cafes actually does. I was recommended a French Vanilla Apple Slice. I was expecting the warm, spicy taste of cinnamon but Cups N Canvas omitted the spice all in all. They used fresh vanilla, not extract or essence, to flavor the cake, which yields a more subtle and smoother vanilla flavor. It was a delightful surprise, an alternative to the proverbial apples and cinnamons.

Cups N Canvas is located at
139 Selegie Road
Singapore 188139


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