Oktoberfest 2012 @ Clarke Quay, 12th & 13th Oct

“Beer, its the best damn drink in the world”

– Jack Nicholson

Those are some wise words from the veteran actor and I do agree with him personally that it’s the best damn (pardon my language) drink in the world. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world and the third most consumed liquid after water and tea. Well that has got to say something about beer being the best damn drink in the world.

There are many festivals dedication to the adoration of beer but none really garners much publicity and attendance as compared to Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest first began in 1810 as a Bavarian tradition and slowly began its spread throughout the world. Fast-forward to modern times, it is now the largest carnival ever attended by anyone.

This coming Friday and Saturday on the 12th and 13th of October, Clarke Quay brings to you Oktoberfest once again. This time, indulge yourself in everything German. Savor the endless flow of refreshing Erdinger (me personal favorite – the Erdinger Dunkel).

Relish in German delicacies like Crispy Pork Belly from Vintry, Shiraz’s Famous Beef Burger and Smoked Bratwurst from Alegro. That’s not all of it, outlets like Fern & Kiwi, Rasputin and The Pump Room is showing their culinary skills by bringing their range of German fare for you too!

Come join in the fun of this 200 year tradition at Clarke Quay this coming weekend on the 12th and 13th of October

For more information and other promotions of the event, please visit www.clarkequay.com.sg/oktoberfest

OpenRice.com is the official media partner for the outlets mentioned in this post.  For more infomation and the full list of menu prepared by the outlets, please click here


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