Sweet Saturday – The Muffinry @ Telok Ayer Street



The Muffinry may be a small shop, but the things they sell is definitely of quality.  I was a patron of this wonderful bakery ever since it opened slightly more than a year back.  They never cease to impress me with their quality bakes and desserts.

The Muffinry produces their bakes freshly.  I sat myself down one day to enjoy a Custard and Strawberry Tart.  Every thing here is made from scratch, even the tart shell.  I have seen them make the tart shells late into the night after the shop has closed.

They have a selection of muffins to choose from.  Sweet muffins like Blueberry to savory muffins with Bacon.  Oh and if you ain’t got a sweet tooth for muffins, I’m sure you’ll pretty smitten by their manager, Chris.

The Muffinry is located at
112 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068581


They are opened
Mon: 8am – 6pm
Tue – Thu: 8am – 10pm
and they are closed on Weekends and Public Holidays



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