Feature Friday – Stellar Experience @ 1-Altitude, Raffles Place


To me, every time I dine out, it is an experience. The never-ending queue of the Bak Chor Mee, the journey to the sanctuary-like Greenwood Ave or even the reprimand you’ll receive from the Auntie when you try to top up your order is also part of the dining experience.

The last time I dined at Stellar @ 1-Altitude, I was impressed by the high altitude dining experience. This time, Executive Chef Christopher Miller brings together 3 entities, 1-Altitude, Stellar and 1-Caramel, to bring you The Stellar Experience.

For the start of your Stellar Experience, you’ll whisked all the way to the top, to 1-Altitude Stellar VIP area, to enjoy pre-dinner aperitiffs. And while you sip away, marvel at the panoramic view of the coast line and the Marina Bay area.

Next, you’ll be ushered to Stellar to begin the next part of “The Stellar Experience”. Savor between 4 to 6 different tasting dishes that is meticulously crafted by Chris and his team.

Here are the dishes that we were introduced that night:

Amuse Bouche – Watermelon and Salmon

Different layering of sweetness from the fields and from the sea to bring together a whole new taste experience for me.

Smoked Eel – Sea Urchin sauce, Cod Brandade, Baby Potato and toast
There is a perfect matrimony between the strong flavors of the Smoked Eel and the delicate aroma of the sea urchin sauce. I have to give special mention to the Cod Brandade. It is an emulsion of Cod cured in salt, Olive Oil and milk. Usually used as a spread for bread, but it is crazy tasty and good on its own.

Duck and It’s Nest – Semolina crusted Foie Gras, Duck & Quince Rilletes and Crispy Corn Fritters

This flavors of this dish is strong and decadent. But a taste of the sourish relish at the side cleanses your palate. I like what Chris did to the Foie Gras. The semolina crusted Foie Gras has a crispy crust but a core that is soft and melts in your mouth.


Oyster – White Gazpacho, Tiger Prawns, Pomegranate and Mint
This was one of my favorites for the night. I am impressed by Chris’s creativity in recreating and reinnovating the way a gazpacho is executed. Here, we are served a white tomato-less gazpacho but to recreate the flavors, we are given a small bottle of tomato essence to drip on our tongue to emulate the flavors. The flavors from each of the elements within this dish are distinctive, but they all works well and compliments each other.

After the Stellar Experience, we are then brought to the 1-Caramel Experience, to simply say, desserts. Check out this #SweetSaturday post for the 1-Caramel Experience.

I appreciate what Chris did to bring the diners a wholesome experience. I also like how he had a short back-story to each of his dishes that he is presenting. And the VIP treatment that you are given truly makes this a Stellar Experience.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude is located at
1 Raffles Place (Former OUB Centre)
Singapore 048616


Please visit the website for the full list of operating hours of 1-Altitude and Stellar.

Forenote: #AnythingAlsoEat would like to extend his appreciation to the Marketing Team, Executive Chef Christopher Miller and his team for this truly wonderful Stellar Experience.

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