Feature Friday – NYDC @ Bugis Junction




When I heard from Melicacy that NYDC has launched a new menu that features a new addition of 12 different desserts, I cannot deny that my sweet tooth is probably more excited than my waistline.

Other than the addition of 12 different desserts, the new menu also included 10 other items that consists of savory dishes and lovely shakes and drinks.


We share a Skinny Dip Chip. The crispy warm tortilla chips comes with 3 dips: a Spiced Chilli Beef, Blue Cheese and an Artichoke Blend. I prefered the Artichoke Blend for it’s earthy savory sweetness. But if you are feeling slightly more adventurous, go for the Blue Cheese. It is not very pungent and quite tolerable. The Spiced Chilli Beef is…really spicy but so satisfying.


I was recommended the Drunken Masta’. It is a Seafood Marinara spiked with Tequila – now that certainly interested the Alcoholic in me. You can choose between 3 different drunken master level: Sober (1 shot of Tequila), Drunk (2 shots) and K.O (3 shots). Of course I went straight for K.O.

Taste wise, I kinda like the bright flavors the tequila gave to the dish as an overall. It wasn’t overwhelming as to cover up the sweetness of the seafood. All in all, enjoyable right down to the very last morsel.

Do look out tomorrow for the #SweetSaturday post for the decadent desserts I had that night.

For full listing of NYDC outlets and operating hours, please visit the website

Postnote: I would like to thank Adlena and NYDC for extending the invite to #AnythingAlsoEat.

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