Christmas Special – A Scandinavian Christmas @ 1-Rochester

So its the time of the year again for Christmas and this time, I got to savor again the works of Chef Christopher from the 1-Rochester group.  This time, he brings to the table a “Scandinavian Christmas“.

The menu features a wide array of Scandinavian dishes, of which is a Seafood Platter that includes the dishes below:.

20121215-143210.jpgPrawn and Egg Salad

20121215-143238.jpgGin Marinated Ocean Trout with Horseradish


Smoked Eel and Baby Potato Salad with Dill Sauce
This dish is similar to the Smoked Eel I had that time at Stellar @ 1-Altitude.  It is still something I’ve enjoyed since that time.

Other than the Seafood Platter, the menu also features the Swedish Ham.


Swedish Ham
This was one of the item I’ve enjoyed that night.  The Ham was tender and  very juicy.

20121215-143158.jpgRoast Turkey with Scandinavian fruit stuffing
This Roast Turkey was very well prepared by Chef Christopher.  Using very meticulous cooking procedures, Chef Christopher was able produce out a perfectly tender and juicy Turkey.  The stuffing made from Pear, fig, Pecan, Bacon and Juniper.  That yield an earthy but fruity taste.  By far one of the most amazing Turkey I’ve had.

Other than the entree highlights, we also got to savor a Festive Assiette platter.

Warm Chocolate Berry Cake
The berries gave a festive sprinkle while the chocolate cake gave that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Enjoyable.

Orange Creme Brulee Log Cake
A very light tasting cake with a citrusy flavor to brighten up and complement the mellow Earl Grey.  It was slightly too light for my taste buds after all the heavy flavored dishes.

Mix Nut Caramel Tart

20121215-143457.jpgChestnut Eggnog and Raisin Mousse
To be honest, this dessert left almost no impression other than the fact that I liked the Chestnut Mousse on top.

20121215-143527.jpgBaby Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce
My favorite dessert of the night.  I like the moist sticky pudding.  I liked the dark molasses flavors with a tinge of bitter aftertaste.  It combined perfectly with the Brandy Sauce.

This menu is available on the 21st, 22nd and the 24th of December at S$85++ per person.

One Rochester and 1-Caramel Rochester Park is located at
No 1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212


Telephone: +65 6773 0070

Postnote: I would like to thank Chef Christopher, his team and the fabulous ladies from the Marketing department for the wonderful invitation.

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