Golden Treasures of Prosperity @ Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall


With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it is the time again to splurge lavishly on Chinese delicacies that you’ll probably get to eat once a year.  Eminent for their extraordinary and innovative Cantonese cuisines, Park Palace displays their finesse in this year’s Golden Treasures of Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu.

Yours truly was late for this tasting due to the abhorrent traffic conditions of this country and missed the opening dish – Shunde Yu Sheng with Yellowtail.  You can see the pictures here at Melicacy.  Shunde dishes are incredibly rare in Singapore and Park Palace is the only place I know that serves this humble style of cuisine. 

This Yu Sheng is fundamentally different from your traditional ones.  Instead of crispy green lettuce and radish, it is swapped with crispy vermicelli.  Additionally, instead of plum sauce, Park Palace uses soy sauce to flavor the dish, hence, yielding a savory Yu Sheng instead of a sweet one.


Imperial Suckling Pig

The signature Imperial Suckling Pig mesmerized my taste buds.  A whole glorious suckling pig served over two courses in two different styles.  The first being the crispy squares of the piglet’s skin.  Every indulgent piece shatters delectably in your mouth. 

lemongrass pig

After the skins are served, the piglet is then brought back to the kitchen to be roasted again in glaze of aromatic lemongrass sauce.  The meat of the piglet is really tender.  Although I felt that the faint whiffs of lemongrass were just nice, other diners felt that it could be stronger.


Golden Happiness Crispy Garoupa

Presentation wise, this dish was rather phenomenal.  In terms of taste, the sweet, deep-fried to a crisp, fillet was very well complemented with the light tangy sweet sauce.


Prosperity Flambe Pen Cai

This is my favorite Chinese New Year dish of all time.  How Park Palace does their Pen Cai is setting it on fire before serving it to you – Flambe of course.  The flavor of the Cognac was discernible but only to the ingredients on the top of the pot.  It yields a rather mellow, oaky and slightly spicy taste on the ingredients that were able to absorb the blazing Cognac. 

This extravagant pot contains 19 different ingredients ranging from abalones, sea cucumbers and prawns to mushrooms, broccoli, radish and gingko nuts.


Glutinous Rice with Foie Gras and Preserved Meat


Steamed Mini Pumpkin Dumplings with Green Bean Paste

To crudely describe this – Pumpkin shaped Ang Ku Kueh.

Overall, the menu has very lavish items that were fantastic tasting, but I was disappointed at how the menu ended with a splat.

The Lunar New Year Menu is available from now to the 24th of February.  It is priced between S$78++ per person up to S$2388++ for a table of ten.  Do make reservations one day before if you want to savor the delectable selection.

Park Palace is located at

Grand Park City Hall
10 Coleman Street
Level 2
Singapore 179809

Tel: 6432 5888

Reservation Email :


They are opened for lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm and dinner from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Post note: #AnythingAlsoEat would like to thank the lovely ladies from Park Hotel Group for this tasting.

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