Third & Sixth @ Seah Street


More often than not, most watering holes will be playing the run of the mill Billboard Top 100, serving the usual Heineken/Tiger/Carlsberg selection and dishing out rather mediocre bar grubs. But here at Third & Sixth you’ll find yourself humming to familiar tunes from the 90s and the early 2000s, while noshing on delightful food and guzzling specially concocted cocktails or imported beers.

Third & Sixth is conceived by three friends from three very different backgrounds – Pio, a Portugese-Indian, Eddy, a Korean and Adam, a tall brooding Burmese.


We started off with Yomomoso (Kinda sound like Y’all Mama So…), which are fried chicken wings smothered with a thick tangy, sweet, sour and spicy Korean sauce. Not my most favorite starter because I personally didn’t like the mess from eating chicken wings.

Ring of Cthulu

I have to give special commendation for Ring of Cthulu. This deep fried calamari was very well executed. The spongy texture of the squid is sweet while coated with a savory crispy crust of deep fried beer batter. This is a must order if you are here.

Messy Mexican

No. 36

If there are anything else that you should order, it will be their burgers. The selection of burgers start from $14. We had their signature No. 36, which is 150gm of home made beef patty accompanied by a sweet caramelized onion relish, melted cheese and crispy bacon. My personal favorite was the Messy Mexican, which is a juicy beef patty splattered with chilli con carne.

We had the Killer Kathoey as well, but this burger came up short. The burger felt slightly monotonous with its dry chicken patty and its only saving grace was the well concocted Thai dressing.

All burgers come with add-ons that you can pile your burger with. Each add-on starts from $1 for an egg to $4 for a beef patty (no shit).

Found Nemo

Contrary to the movie, the three boys found Nemo on top of their salad instead. But of course you are not served clownfish. What they did here was to pan grill dory fish (Not the blue forgetful one) and lay it on top of some greens and grilled squash. Drizzle it with some balsamic vinaigrette and a cube of lemon butter sauce. This wasn’t something I was looking for, but its well worth the shot if you are somewhat watching your diet.

While I do enjoy most of the food served to us that night, I still believe that this place is a diamond in the rough. Most of the dishes served that night needs better and more consistent execution and a thorough think through, Killer Kathoey for example.

But ultimately, if you are looking for a place to unwind while enjoying the nostalgic soothing sounds of the 90s and eating nosh, do give Third & Sixth a try.

Third & Sixth Bistro Bar is located at
36 Seah Street
Singapore 188392

Tel: +65 6336 1248

They are opened from 12pm-12am from Mondays to Fridays, 6pm – 12am on Saturdays and taking a chill pill on Sunday.

Check their Facebook page for latest promotions and events. They do have a very interesting and fun looking page.

Post note: #AnythingAlsoEat would like to extend his appreciation to the Three Musketeers of Third & Sixth. Your perseverance is the key to your success. So hang in there because you guys are doing a fantastic job where you are.

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