Peony Jade – Cantonese Hairy Crab Menu

Fans of Crabs (and I don’t mean the other sort), you’re in for a treat this November.  Peony Jade’s latest menu brings in the seasonal 大闸蟹(Hairy Crab) to the table with a few new creations to impress your palate and visual.

To be honest and I am not ashamed to admit, this is my first time eating 大闸蟹.  Previously, its was the usual meaty Sri-Lankan crabs.  The meat of the 大闸蟹 is slightly sweeter and yield a more delicate aroma as compare to their Sri-Lankan counterpart.

20131109-232719.jpg蟹粉小笼包 (Steamed ‘Xiao Long Bao’ with hairy crab meat and roe)

I wasn’t very wow-ed by this 小笼包, mainly because it bordered on dry rather than the expected juiciness you’d find from certain chains.  Having said that, one shouldn’t discount the fact that it is packed full of Hairy Crab meat and roe, nonetheless bringing in a certain level of decadence with bit.

20131109-232748.jpg玉河畔金杯西京蟹粉 (Steamed Scallop w/ Hairy Crab Meat & Egg White)

One of their newer creations, 玉河畔金杯西京蟹粉, comes presented in a classy martini glass with three different layers of ingredients – Egg White, Crab Meat and roe and Spinach puree (if I am not mistaken).  Again, the different components of this dish is there to compliment the delicate flavors of the crab.

 20131109-232738.jpg盐焗大闸蟹 (Sea-Salt baked Hairy Crab in Golden Pillow)

When this dish was served to me, I was actually quite delighted to see how cute it was.  The reason behind this creation was that the sea-salt used to bake the crab is the Yang element to counter to Yin element of the crab.  简单说,吃了这道菜不会那么凉.

I liked the soft fluffy bread (oh…the carbs) especially when you dip it in the special sauce just for this bread.

20131109-232730.jpgXO 酱大闸蟹上海年糕 (Wok fried Shanghainese Rice Cake w/ Hairy Crab    in XO Sauce)

If the new items are not quite your thing, go for the more traditional dishes like this one.  The Rice Cakes are quite delicious especially with the savory XO Sauce that is loaded with the juices from the crab.  Although I didn’t have any of crab from this dish, diners from the rest of the table said that it was actually better tasting than the Sea-Salt baked Hairy Crab.

Apart from these mentioned above, the menu also feature other exquisite dishes rendered with the Hairy Crab meat, like the 蟹粉扒豆苗 (Dou Miao with Hairy Crab Meat) and 蟹粉扒雪山 (Wok Fried Egg White with Hairy Crab Meat).

As the 大闸蟹 is a seasonal produce, the menu only last till the 30th of November 2013.

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club is located at

Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918

They are operational from 11am to 2.30pm  for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for dinner.

To make a reservation, please all 6276 9138

Postnote: #AnythingAlsoEat would like to extend his thanks to the wonderful ladies of 37 Communications and the staff of Peony Jade for this wonderful tasting.

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