The Fat Car Bistro @ Holland Village


Not very often do you come across a bistro or cafe that serves a multi-ethnic menu, and more often than not, these ambitious eateries fall flat on their faces trying to attempt this feat.  The Fat Cat Bistro, however, still manages to keep things from falling apart.

Located in the peaceful end of Holland Village, The Fat Cat Bistro serves hearty fare from a menu featuring Thai, Indian and French cuisine.  We started with a Pomelo Salad, Grilled Beetroot Salad and a set of Mantra Wings.


Mantra Wings


I personally adored the Mantra Wings, crispy fried chicken wings that is seasoned with Indian herbs.  Perhaps my tongue was playing tricks on me, but the wings taste uncannily like Otah Otah, nonetheless still a recommended dish if you are there.

IMG_0162Pomelo Salad


IMG_0161Grilled Beetroot Salad


If you’re looking at a less sinful starter, try the Pomelo Salad that features juicy sacs of Pomelo pulp, coriander, tomato and cashew nuts tossed in a sweet and sour Honey Tamarind Dressing.  However I felt the dish lacked cohesiveness, the dressing didn’t assemble everything together amicably.  The Grilled Beetroot Salad didn’t quite register, I can’t quite appreciate the taste of Beetroot.

We were then presented three mains, Duck Confit, Green Curry Baby Snapper and Chicken Masala with Garlic Naan, each from the French, Thai, Indian menu.

If you don’t like to be disappointed, I would suggest you order the Green Curry Baby Snapper or the Chicken Masala with Garlic Naan, these two seemed to fair much better than the Duck Confit.  The Green Curry and the Masala were done right and true to its original taste with no surprises.

IMG_0165Duck Confit


However, not much can be said about the Duck Confit other than it feeling like a half-hearted attempt at this dish.  The dish wasn’t all that bad to begin with; for a bistro, the Duck was passable but the sides that went along with it was sloppily executed, and that kills me as much as it kills the dish.

I had the Tiramisu and Oreo Cheesecake for desserts that night of which both fell short of my expectations.  But I think you can’t go wrong with Mango Sticky Rice.

The Fat Cat Bistro is nice-ish overall,  it is quiet and comforting without all that pretence.  I would go back…only for the Mantra Wings and the Green Curry Baby Snapper.

The Fat Cat Bistro is located at

17D Lorong Liput
Singapore 277731
Tel: 6465 1107

Here is their Website and you can follow them on their Facebook page here

Disclaimer: This was an invited session.  A warm Thank You to Dallas and Gina for hosting me for this session.

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