The Royal Mail Bar @ Raffles Place


I am not a staunch follower of any religion; however, I do consider myself to be a very spiritual being.  I am often guided by spirits; I seek solace and comfort in them.  I am, of course, talking about the spirits you find in a distillery.  Recently, I was invited to a tasting at The Royal Mail Bar, and boy did I have tippling good time.


Located in the middle of the Central Business District of Singapore, The Royal Mail Bar is a spiffy bar that exudes warmth and friendliness; a contrast to the surroundings of cold concrete jungle.

Sauteed Chorizo Sausages & Old Fashioned Spice

The recent launch introduces new specialty cocktails and British-inspired tapas to its menus.  Culminating three months of hard work by the kitchen and bar team, they have conceptualised a revitalised direction for the bar offering with exciting new choices. Guests can expect an appetizing range of specialty cocktails, a well-curated rangeof whiskeys and spirits, as well asbar grubthat boast modern British sensibilities.

Old Fashioned Spice

I tried a couple of their new creative drinks and some of them were really impressive.  I started off with an Old Fashioned SpiceThis perennial favourite is a combination of Bourbon that is given a slightly sweetened aftertaste with the deft infusion of honey and clove.  The experience is further enhanced when a smoking cinnamon is used to tease your sense of smell with its spicy scent.

Lovestruck Ginny

I love my gin a lot and before this, I only find the combination of gin and tonic to be the only way to drink it.  Well, that’s not until I discovered their Lovestuck GinnyI absolutely loved this refreshing concoction of watermelon, mint and gin.  It is sweet and very easy on the palate with hints of mint and juniper berries shining through.

Chocolate Dream

The other drink that I adore is their Chocolate Dream.  It is literally a luscious chocolate shake laced with Bailey, Kahlua and Vodka.  What is so amazing with this drink is that the biting bitterness of alcohol is neutralised.  You drink it with ease and then…BAM!…you are hit with that alcohol buzz.

Cubed Beef Prime Roast

The bar bites are not something you should miss out when you are there too.  The Sweet Potato Chips has a subtle sweetness with every savoury bite.  The Shrimp Paste Chicken Drumlets is deeply satisfying.  The taste of the shrimp paste in not overpowering and does not leave you gasping for water.

Beer Battered Calamari Rings

Dig into the pieces of succulent Cubed Beef.  You can either have it the way it is or you can pair it up with a spicy crab-tomato (Kinda like chilli crab dip) or a Bearnaise Sauce that I CANNOT get enough of.  I find that the Beer-Battered Calamari Rings were fantastic with its crispy skin enveloping a tender chewy squid ring.

What I really liked about The Royal Mail Bar is that it is cosy and relatively quiet (if the awesome singer duo isn’t performing their sets).  Their drinks are well crafted by their bartender and the prices are affordable.  Quite the kind of place you would go if you just want an easy after work drink without all that noise.

The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar is located at:

The Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
2 Finlayson Green,
Singapore 049247

+65 6509 3589

And they are opened from Mondays to Fridays from 3pm to 11pm

Their website is or you can follow them on their Facebook or Instagram for updates and latest happenings.

Current Promotions:

Daily Happy Hour

Draught Beers at The Royal Mail Bar (Asahi Superdry, Asahi Black and London Pride) go for $5 for Half-Pint from Mondays to Fridays, 3pm to closing.

Happy Hour        

Happy Hour at The Royal Mail Baris from 5pm to 8pm, where all specialty cocktails go for $10 each, and 1-for-1 House Pour (Gentlemen’s Pour 45ml) go for $15.

The Royal Mail Bar DailyPromotions (6pm to closing)

  • Monday: $5 Dirty or Dry Martinis only
  • Tuesday: 1 for 1 House Pour and Premium Wine
  • Wednesday: 1 for 1 Whiskeys by the Glass
  • Thursday: 3 bottled beers at $20; 1 for 1 bottled cider
  • Friday: $10 Sparkling Wine by the Glass, 2 for $18

Images courtesy of The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar.
AnythingAlsoEat was invited to this tasting.


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