Mitzo Restaurant & Bar @ Grand Park Orchard

Mitzo Restaurant & Bar is the latest Chinese dining option to be added to Grand Park Orchard.  What use to be a buffet restaurant, called Open House, is now a modern space serving contemporary Cantonese cuisines as well as an eclectic mix of imaginative cocktails.  Helmed by Chef Nicky Ng, Mitzo serves a menu that embodies familiar Cantonese flavours executed with modern flair.

Fried Dim Sum Platter
Fried Dim Sum Platter

The starter of Fried Dim Sum Platter was visually appealing however the flavours did not do it any justice.  Luckily, this was the only dish that did not do as well as the other dishes that night.

I really enjoyed Mitzo’s Special Barbecued Pork.  On first bite, it is sweeter than the Char Siews you would get anywhere else; that is because the pork is encrusted in a thin brittle layer of caramelised sugar.  Upon mastication of the tender pork, the savoury juices dissolved the sugar and created a good balanced flavour overall.

Oven baked chilean seabass with lemongrass, chilli and spices
Oven baked chilean seabass with lemongrass, chilli and spices

Also served that night was the Oven Baked Chilean Seabass.  Many unfamiliar with this deep-water fish would mistake it as Black Cod since they both taste remarkably similar.  However, the Chilean Seabass is much softer and flakier as compared to the Black Cod.  The fish that night had a delicate aroma of lemongrass and the subtle bouquets of sweetness from the glaze did its best to accompany the natural taste of the fish.

Apart from these two dishes, there were other simple fares that hit the correct notes that night.  The steaming hot Vermicelli with Scallops and Prawns  was the crowd favourite that night.  The soup of the day was a hearty treat after a long tiring day at work.

Mitzo’s set menus are priced from S$28.00++ per set for a four-course Set Lunch Menu to S$108.00++ per set for their eight-course Signature Set Menu.

Mitzo foyer - night

Mitzo is located at

Grand Park Orchard
Level 4, 270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857

Telephone: 6603 8855

This dinner was hosted by Grand Park Orchard

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